Resistor Color Code Calculator - Free

A professional, high quality resistor color code calculator with an enhanced user interface for quick determination of component values especially those in-circuit that cannot be measured accurately.
- Free; but feel free to visit our store for hardware and electronics
or general word of mouth support!
- Requires no special permissions.
- Touch the bands to change color or use the larger buttons.
- For small and large phones / tablets.
- Fully supports 4, 5 and 6 band resistor types.
- New feature requests, constructive criticism and bug fixes welcome - email:
Keywords: resistors, calculator, colour code calculator, ohm, ohms, color code, colour code,
electronics, BrainyEggs studio, Tronisoft. Download the free app from the Google Android PlayStore!
Free as part of our assistance with safe STEM learning -

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Resistor Color Code Calculator - Free

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