USB to Serial Adapters

USB to Serial Adapters

USB to Serial Adapters FTDI & Prolific Chipsets

How do I connect a serial RS232 device?

To connect a serial / RS232 device to your computer which doesn't have a serial port, you will normally need a USB to Serial adapter. All the adapters that we supply (branded and OEM) have been tried and tested by our engineers and offer excellent OS support from Linux, MAC OS and Windows 7 / Windows 10. See the tips below to find a suitable device. The FTDI chipset based devices feature "COM Port Retention" so you can be confident of the COM port number not changing when you unplug and plug back into different USB ports.

What is the best USB to serial adapter?

Here are some tips to help choose which adapter is the best for you.
- Choose a preferred chipset: Prolific or FTDI (very reliable)
- Select the cable length you need (or short no cable versions)
- Do you need a 9 pin connection or 25 pin connection?
- Do you need a standard USB type A connection to PC or the newer USB-C Type?
- Do I need COM retention - see below? 

What is the best USB to serial adapter for windows 10?

Choose and FTDI or Prolific PL2303HXD based device to ensure maximum compatibility for Windows 10. 
We only stock those types currently to make life easier for our customers.

What is COM retention?

This allows the same COM port values to automatically be re-assigned to the port if the cable is disconnected and re-connected to the same host computer or if the system is rebooted. Unlike most USB-serial adapters, our genuine authorised FTDI chipset based devices supports additional customization, advanced features, and compatibility not necessarily offered by other providers. Avoid frustration and time waste installing devices with unknown chipsets. Most of our USB to serial devices feature COM retention - look for FTDI chipset in the description.  Some suppliers may charge an extraordinary amount for "COM retention" devices as if it is extremely expensive - it isn't! Our devices incorporate the best chipsets and feature great value pricing even at low quantities.

What if I have a problem?

No problem. All our USB to serial devices are backed by Tronisoft's minimum 2-year warranty and come with free lifetime technical support.

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