About Us

Tronisoft Ltd is the leading UK, trade and wholesale distributor of long range Bluetooth to Serial RS232 and FTDI USB to Serial Adapters for the IT and Engineering sector. With our professional design and engineering team we strive to provide easy to use, high quality products with our customers time and effort in mind. We manufacture industrial USB, RS232 I/O control boards and RS232 to TTL converters. Our expertise is in a wide range of RS232, USB to Serial, USB to RS485 Adapters and FTDI USB to TTL serial cables.

Tronisoft also provides Serial Port Analyzer Software to log, monitor, analyse or automate RS232, RS422, RS485 & TTL communications.

We offer consistent product delivery with superb pre/post sales support and competitive pricing to trade and consumers.

Tronisoft is proud to offer:

  • Fast, trackable delivery (Recorded / Courier option).
  • Trade prices - typically 60-80% off retail pricing!
  • Further discounts for regular / trade accounts
  • Genuine images of the item(s) you will get!
  • RoHS & WEEE Compliant products.
  • Secure payment (Minimum 128-bit SSL / 256-bit SSL).
  • Accounts proforma based ordering - email us!
  • We are registered as a producer - WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC) with Registration Number: WEE/BG1844YR.
  • Branding, custom design, UK & offshore manufacturing
  • Free support via email.

Tronisoft is now the UKs No.1 affordable consumer and trade distributor of Bluetooth to Serial Adapters. We can usually price match or beat any quote like for like! Bluetooth RS232 Adapters no longer need to be an expensive solution for your commercial, embedded, or personal use. We aim to make wireless serial / RS232 solutions easier and more accessible!

Our Class 1 Bluetooth RS232 Adapters are suitable for worldwide use with RoHS, CE and FCC compliance as standard. Also known as Class 1 Bluetooth to Serial Adapters they work well with our range of RS232 I/O boards and RS232 TTL converters. This allows you to build a low cost solution for your Bluetooth to TTL Serial or Bluetooth to I/O control requirements without compromising on quality or paying over the odds. We provide full support and can customise the Bluetooth to RS232 adapters to your specification.

Tronisoft also offers rapid engineering solutions with UK & offshore PCB manufacture and is sure to beat your quote with the quickest time to market! We manufacture a range of high quality, "off-the-shelf" RS232 IO PC interfacing modules and RS232 to TTL converters. Check out the DACIO range of RS232 I/O (PC interface) boards for your OEM digital and analogue data capture solutions.

Tronisoft is home to SimpleTerm Gold - our flagship serial port monitoring tool for technicians, engineers and software developers designing / debugging serial port related projects.

Use SimpleTerm Gold RS232 Terminal to log raw serial port data to file or view data communication on screen in an easy to understand colour coded sequence.

There are many powerful features for advanced users such as hex views, control line monitoring, macros, inter-character delays and a "Visual Scripting" option for even greater control without having to resort to any programming.

SimpleTerm Gold Editions can monitor RS232, RS422, RS485 & TTL communication.

SimpleTerm Gold Editions work Under Windows 98 to Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit) and works well with Physical COM Ports or Virtual Serial Ports (e.g USB to Serial Adapters, Bluetooth to Serial, USB to TTL Adapters)

Tronisoft as a company support UK design, UK Testing and UK Manufacturing where possible.

There are many advantages in using UK teams and allows further assurances that a UK
team oversaw the process or built the devices to UK standards.

Use of a UK team allows us to provide rapid support, rapid design services and manufacturing
capabilities on short lead times and with very competitive costs.

It also allows us to customise many of our UK items with low MOQ in house which you are unable to do
with other products manufactured elsewhere.

To enable you to distinguish finished products that have been made in the UK, we have handy logos
representing the products.

Made in the UK

This represents items / products where the finished product is being manufactured in the UK in house or within a UK manufacturing hub. These products are likely to have been designed and tested in the UK too.
These items can normally be customised to order - contact us for further details.

Designed in the UK

This represents items / products where products were designed in the UK by our in house designers/engineers to our specification. 

Tested in the UK
This represents items / products where the final testing was done within the UK by our in house technicians/engineers.