• Bluetooth to TTL Module Class 2 - BTLink BTL100

Bluetooth to TTL Module Class 2 - BTLink BTL100

This Bluetooth to TTL Module with Its built-in chip antenna and back panel provides an easy-to-use, wireless connection for your device.

Class 2 with up to a maximum 10 meter range (up to 30ft) in open environments; walls, interference, and other obstructions do reduce range)

Can work with Android*, Arduino* based devices/phones. Also works with RepRap* 3D Printers/Similar providing they use Serial TTL logic.

Works with 3.3V & 5V devices. (I/O Levels are 3.3V)

Only 35mm by 15mm excluding the pin lengths. Supplied (optionally) with 4 wire header/dupont cable for rapid connection to other devices.

This small size Bluetooth TTL transceiver module allows your target device to both send or receive serial data via Bluetooth technology without connecting a serial cable to your computer. It's easy to use and completely encapsulated.

This is a slave device with simple and a very small and simple command set.

A PC/Tablet/Laptop etc is to be used as the master device which can communicate with this Slave Bluetooth to TTL Module to make a cable less link.


  • Model: BTlink BTL100
  • Bluetooth Default Name: BTLINK-BTL100        ...(easy to change)
  • Default Pairing Pin: 1234                                       ...(easy to change)
  • Radio Chip: CSR BC417
  • Memory: External 8Mbit Flash
  • Output Power: -4 to +6dbm Class 2
  • Range: Up to a maximum of  10m (30 feet)
  • Sensitivity: -80dbm Typical
  • Bit Rate: EDR, up to a maximum of 3Mbps
  • Interface: UART
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • Voltage: 3.3 to 5VDC supply (TX and RX I/O is 3.3V level)
  • Current: 30mA max
  • Slave Mode Only

Default Baud Rate & Settings:

9600 Baud Rate, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity.

Bluetooth specification v2.0 + EDR.

Works with any USB Bluetooth adapters/built in bluetooth.

Package contents:

1X Bluetooth to TTL Slave Module
1X 4ways header/dupont cable  (Optional)


This BTLink BTL100 Bluetooth to TTL Module only has limited AT Command Set. Changing the device Name, Changing the Pin, Changing the Baud Rate,

You mainly need only these three commands to set up your device with this module and please see the information below on how to send a command and the response you shall receive.

1. Testing the connection Before sending a AT command to the Bluetooth module, you will need to check the connection between the terminal software and the module using USB to Serial TTL module. (We sell these on eBay as well, see our other items)

To check or start programming / changing the Bluetooth to TTL module, please use a RS232 Terminal software or download and use SimpleTerm (FREE for students) listed below and use the commands shown which shall then program the devices.

To Test if Bluetooth is available to talk in command mode. (Send commands in CAPITAL letters as shown below everything within the quotes "")

Send "AT" followed by a newline/enter or "AT\0D\0A" using SimpleTerm.
Response "OK" (You shall receive the response shown on the Terminal Software without the quotes)

2. Changing the default baud rate using USB to Serial TTL module

Send "AT+UART=baud,stop bits,parity" - the baud is dependant on the baud rate you require from the table shown below.

Response "OK19200"



1200  4  9600  7  57600  A  46800


2400 5 19200 8 115200 B 92100


4800 6 38400 9 230400  C 1382400

3. Changing the default name (BTLINK-BTL100) using a USB to Serial TTL Cable

Send: "AT+NAME=yourname" - (yourname is the name you want to rename the device to have.
Response: "OKyourname" (So "BTLINK-BTL100" would become "yourname in this example")
If you can reset the module once a name change happens by un powering the device and reconnecting
it, you should then be able to search the new name for the Bluetooth Module.

4. Changing default password using a USB to Serial TTL Cable
Send: "AT+PSWD=xxxx" (where xxxx is your new pin number (needs to be numeric / numbers))
Response: "OKsetpin"

The module will not accept an AT command when it is paired. You should notice when a device is paired as the red light
stops blinking/flashing fast and becomes a constant red light.

A suitable USB to TTL Cable or RS232 to TTL converter module is required (one that has 3.3V I/O) if you want to change these settings via your computer.


Q: Can this Bluetooth Module be changed to or become a Master Device and talk with another one of these Bluetooth Modules?

A: NO, This can only act in SLAVE MODE, if you purchase two, they cannot talk to each other without a Master Bluetooth Module
               or a PC/LAPTOP/PHONE controlling the device(s)

Q: Do you stock a Master Bluetooth Module?

A: We DO NOT stock Master Bluetooth Modules, BUT we do have Bluetooth to Serial / RS232 Adapters (Item 2755 & 2751) which can act
as a slave or master and control this module.

Q: Are these as good as the Bluetooth to RS232 devices you stock?

A: It depends - If you only require TTL logic and do not mind class 2 range then this could be an alternative to our Bluetooth to Serial Adapters
however there are distinct advantages that our Bluetooth to RS232 perform better. They have full RS232 whereas this is a TTL device which means you shall need additional expense in converting this to a Bluetooth to RS232 as you shall need a MAX3232 IC amongst other components. 

Our Bluetooth to RS232 are also CE, FCC certified whereas this is more designed as a development module.
That being said they still can be CE, FCC certified but you shall need to do the testing and improve it if needed or we can provide CE, FCC testing
depending on the specification and MOQ being ordered.

Our Bluetooth to RS232 are enclosed products and are much more powerful in line of sight (Class 1 - Up to 100meters).

These devices are also known as:
Bluetooth TTL Modules
Arduino Bluetooth Module Slave Wireless Serial Board Module
Bluetooth Wireless TTL

*All trademarks / tradenames / logos are copyright of their respective owners and is used for comparison/reference only.

Command Summary:

AT with newline or AT\0D\0A with SimpleTerm - to check the connection.
Similarly (with newline at end or \0D\0A) the following are useful commands:
AT+NAME=newname will change your the module name to newname
AT+PSWD=1234 to set the password as 1234
AT+UART=9600,1,0 Changes baud rate to 9600, 1 stop bit, 0 parity

Free software and terminal program
Free software and terminal program

or see
SimpleTerm - Free Serial Port Monitor for Windows 10

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Bluetooth to TTL Module Class 2 - BTLink BTL100

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