HDMI to DVI-D Cable 1.5m

HDMI to DVI cables are for connecting HDMI devices for DVI-D use only and come with Gold flashed connectors. HDMI connector uses 19 pins connected to the DVI-D pins on the DVI connector making it DVI-D single link.

Please note: While the connector has the appearance of dual link the dual link pins are not connected, to achieve HDMI to DVI-D dual link and active adapter cable will be required.

Length: 1.5 metres


  • DVI 24+1 Pin Connector(only single link pins connected)
  • DVI-D Single Link
  • HDMI 19 pin
  • Gold flashed contacts
  • Black cable
  • Passive cable
  • HDMI Male to DVI-D Male

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HDMI to DVI-D Cable 1.5m

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