D-sub Adapter Female 9 Way D-Sub to Male 25 Way (DB9-F - DB25-M) - Black

This adaptor from our trusted TRONIX range has both male and female connectors to plug something like a printer into a PC (personal computer). Its configuration makes it quick and easy to match up devices with different connection sizes.

As an older type of connection, the adaptor comes in handy when you have no access to a wireless local area network and a remote connection between components is not possible. The connector has a durability and high mating cycles ensures you can attach or detach it many times over without causing damage to the component.

This device is fully moulded and manufactured as a complete unit to increase its robustness. Secure the piece with either screw posts or locking posts for ease of use.


9 to 25 pin converter for converting serial connections/cables.

Features and Benefits

• Connector A is a D-sub, 9-pin, female (serial) type

• Connector B is a D-sub, 25-pin, male type

• Converts from female to male gender

• Converts from 9-way D-sub type to 25-way D-sub type

• Operating voltage of 300 V

• Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant

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D-SUB 9 Pin Female to 25 Pin Male Adapter (DB9-F to DB25-M) - Black

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