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USB to TTL (5V I/O) Serial Cable FTDI (4 Way)

USB to TTL (5V I/O) Serial Cable FTDI (4 Way)
Product Code: 2471
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This FTDI USB to TTL Serial +5V I/O 4 Way Cable  is a professional, high quality, high speed device which allows a simple and
easy way to connect TTL interface devices using a spare USB port.

This USB to TTL has it's I/O lines (Tx, Rx) configured to operate at +5V levels

This FTDI USB to TTL also supports the same features found within the FT232R IC e.g. Supports FT232R FTDIChip-ID™

This FTDI USB to TTL serial adapter cable can fit be used with many different boards & applications which include RS232 Interface Loggers
and also many new designs which require TTL logic.

This USB to TTL has 5V CMOS drive outputs and 5V safe TTL inputs which makes this USB to TTL easy to interface to 5V MCUs.

Also provides 5V output to allow devices to be powered from the USB port.

The Tronix FTDI USB to TTL is made using USB 2.0 specification cable and marked CE & FCC approved.

This FTDI USB to TTL serial cable is 1.8M (nominal) in length with a 2.54mm (0.1") pitch 4 way header (GND, Tx, Rx, VCC (+5V))

This FTDI USB to TTL serial cable can be used on Windows 98 to Windows 8
inc 64 bit. It also supports MAC OS8.6+ to 10.9+ as well as Linux, Android v3.2+

USB to TTL +5V Serial Cable Pinout below:

Pin Out :  Wire Colour   : Function   
   1       :   Black  :   Ground
   2       :   Orange :   TTL Transmit Tx (output)
   3       :   Yellow :   TTL Receive Rx (input)
   4       :   Red    :   VCC +5V typical (output)

Serial baud: 300 - 2764800bps (3Mbps) at TTL level.

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