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DACIO 300 - Starter Board

DACIO 300 - Starter Board
DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board DACIO 300 - Starter Board
Brand: TRONiX
Product Code: 4132
Availability: In Stock

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This is a DACIO Quick Starter Board based on the DACIO 300 series modules.

You shall need to add the DACIO 300 MPU (Item 6203) and you can power/communicate via the 6 Way Header using your own FTDI USB to TTL 6 Way cable (+5V VCC & I/O) or add one to the cart with the DACIO starter board at a subsidised price.

Extra accessories which you might find useful are also available at a subsidised price when you purchase it as a DACIO 300 SB option i.e. 8 Red LED & Resistor Pack / 8 Clear Green LED & Resistor Pack shall help you make a line of flashing LEDs when using the DACIO starter board and example code.

Even without the additional addons, you have a quick starter development module ready to use and affordable starting from only £5.98 + VAT (Under £7.99 inc VAT!).

Each I/O is individually configurable.

The DACIO 300 Quick Starter Board features 8 10-bit A/D and a high speed 115.2kbps serial interface when used with the MPU.

If you already have a DACIO IC then you can just order the starter board.

UK manufactured and tested & Lead free / RoHS compliant.

DACIO RS232 IO User Manual
User manual in PDF format
(DACIO_300_v1_01.pdf 0.6 mb)

Download FREE Visual C++ 2010 Exp DACIO Demo to get you started.


FREE VB.NET DACIO Demo to get you started


Python Script for DACIO 300 / Raspberry Pi interfacing (thanks to Nigel Cleaver)


The advanced design features unmatched power and ease of use at a
budget price. These PC interfacing RS232 IO boards are useful for applications
requiring a serial to parallel (and parallel to serial) converter.

It is ideal for use in computer controlled systems, for digital/analogue data
acquisition, robotics, automatic testing equipment, process control or
for experimental and educational purposes.

This RS232 IO card features industry standard RS232 line drivers.
Baud: 115200 bps - others available on request.

Flexible and easy to remember bit, byte or 16-bit instructions.
Full (but suppressible) error reporting. Error LED.

Quickstart guide, default settings, LED demo and powerful trace
feature gets you up and running in minutes! Intelligent on-board micro
communicates with a Terminal program on the host computer
allowing you to run demos or try out all the features by typing
commands manually.

Simple module configuration.

** NEW ** DOWNLOAD - FREE Visual C++ 2010 Exp DACIO Demo ** NEW **


C Source Code Example, VC++ v6.0
Free software and terminal program

DACIO RS232 IO User Manual
User manual in PDF format
(DACIO_300_v1_01.pdf 0.6 mb)


Type: Starter Board of a High Speed RS232 I/O Quick Start Development Module
(Digital and Analogue PC interfacing board)
Interface: Serial via 6 way header
Digital I/O: 16
Analog Input(s): 8
Connecters: 6 Pin TTL Header (Exact pinout as per a FTDI USB to TTL - TTL-232R-5V or
our item 2472)
PSU: Self powered via USB to TTL +5V
Current Consumption: 15mA no load
Dimensions: Small footprint 84X55X17mm
Contents: DACIO I/O Starter Board Card, (manual and example source code via web link)
No MPU (IC) as default - Please add this via the options.
Additional Info & Current Firmware: Requires a DACIO 300 MPU - Latest firmware currently (V1.5)

Keywords: DACIO300, DACIO303, Serial interface input output module, DACIO 300 USB Starter board, Arduino

NEW FREE Visual C++ 2010 Exp DACIO Demo. FREE VB.NET Demo

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