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Mini RS232 to TTL Level Converter (3.3V~5V Signal) Board

Mini RS232 to TTL Level Converter (3.3V~5V Signal) Board
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Mini RS232 to TTL Level Converter MAX3232CSE (3.3V~5V Signal) PCB Board

This is a very small handy module for prototyping projects requiring RS232/PC interface to robotics
andmicrocontroller based projects using 3.3V to 5V TTL logic.

This module converts signals between RS232 voltage levels and TTL voltage levels.
It is bi-directional, where TTL signals are converted to RS232 levels and RS232 levels are
converted to TTL levels.


+3.3V or +5V signals levels at the TTL level.

Up to a maximum of 120Kbps Data Rate

Suitable for interface to Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR and other such micros.

Mini RS232 to TTL MAX3232CSE Board Layout.

The MAX3232CSE is soldered directly on to the PCB.

* The above diagram shows T / R lettering but these are shown
as arrows within the new batch.

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Connecters: None, PCB with Mounted IC only.
Chipset: MAX3232CSE
RS232 Data Transfer: Up to 120Kbps
Dimensions: Small footprint 15.88mmX9.4mmx2.54mm PCB
Tags: 4203
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